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Adrian Pitt

Adrian Pitt has worked in the Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance sector for over 20 years. He specialises in supporting clients not in education, employment or training to overcome their barriers and realise their aspirations. As an experienced practitioner, manager and trainer for the Connexions service, Ade took his passion for supporting staff and set up his own company, Develop-meant Training Consultants, in 2009. He delivers training UK-wide. Ade says: “Professional and fun just about sums me up!” “If you enjoy the learning experience and can laugh along the way, that’s my job well done!”

He’s Scorpio, he’s 48, he loves Haribo!

Ade, I’m not usually SO generous on my evaluation forms! I’m quite a critical person. I couldn’t fault the training today though. Previous workshops I’ve attended with other companies have been quite painful. I usually reach a stage where I watch myself disengage. However, with your session, the time went really quickly and the content was fresh and engaging.”  Hannah Weeks, Independent Supporter, Adviza.